Cashback on ewallets - best betting deal in 2021!

Cashback with eWallet-Optimizer for ecoPayz, Skrill and Neteller

When you do Matched Betting, we strongly recommend that you get an e-wallet. An e-wallet is used to get money in and out of bookmakers – just like PayPal, if you are familiar with that. Now, you also get cashback on all deposits you make! We have an agreement with eWallet-Optimizer (eWO), which is the largest affiliate for eWallets on the market. We can now offer the best cashback deal on the market if you register one – or more – eWallet accounts through the link further down the page. From day one, this website has been a leisure project for us. And we want everyone who read these pages and uses our links (and maybe sends the links to friends and family) to get something back too!


Overview over available ewallets



Regular customers
  • No limits on p2p fees
  • Lower fees than Skrill and Neteller
  • Quick support
eWO-customers via us:
  • Immediate Gold VIP status
  • Multiple currency accounts
  • Free MasterCard
  • Quick and fast upgrade to highest VIP
  • Just EUR 10.000 until highest VIP
  • Personal support
  • 0.5 % – 0.65% cashback every month


Regular customers:
  • No limits on fees on p2p transfers
  • Well-known – accepted at most bookmakers and casinos
  • Quick support for VIP customers
  • Knect reward points
  • Free withdrawals to Revolut via Skrill Mastercard

eWO-customers via us:

  • Faster VIP upgrade
  • Multiple currencies within same account
  • Fast support
  • Up to 0.5 % cashback on every deposit using Skrill!



Regular customers:
  • Good terms for VIP
  • Widely used – can be used with most bookmakers and casinos
  • Cashback for Diamond and Exclusive VIP

EWO-kunder gjennom Sofapenger:

  • Immediate Bronze Pro VIP
  • Faster VIP – lower fees
  • Fast and personal support
  • Up to 0.5 % cashback on all deposits using Neteller + extra cashback for Diamond / Exclusive VIP

How to deposit money with Neteller / Skrill  / ecoPayz?

The different ewallet providers offer different deposit methods depending on your country of residence. Credit card, local deposit options and international bank transfers are available with all. There will be no problem depositing with either Neteller, Skrill or ecoPayz.

How do I receive cashback + other exclusive deals? 

Step 1

First, register an ewallet account by clicking the ewallet logos. Do you already have an existing account? Scroll down. 

We recommend use of “incognito mode” when registering a new account. That way, you are sure that your account is properly linked to us. 

Screenshot 2020 12 13 at 12.59.03

Step 2

Click the image or this link. You will arrive on the landing page shown on the image.

Then, create an account with eWO and input your account info and mail address. That way eWO can see who’s account, what volume you are turning over and where to pay your cashback.

“Signup code” is “magnhb”. Not required, but easier for eWO to verify your account details.


Here’s our cashback offer

Example of cashback with ecoPayz

  1. You deposit €7.000 to bookmakers and casinos in a month. You are Gold VIP. You generate €35 in cashback profits that month. You generate €420 in profits per year.
  2. You deposit €55.000 to bookmakers and casinos in a month. You are Platinum VIP. You generate €302.50 in cashback profits that month. You generate €3.630 in profits per year.
  3. You deposit €150.000 to bookmakers and casinos in a month. You are Diamond VIP. You generate €900 in cashback profits that month. You generate €10.800 in profits per year.
  4. You deposit €400.000 to bookmakers and casinos in a month. You are Gold VIP. You generate €2.600 in cashback profits that month. You generate €31.200 in profits per year.

Do you have an existing ewallet account without cashback?

It is basically not possible to link an existing ewallet to cashback. You must therefore create a new account, which is relatively simple. Create a new account through the links further up on this page, and follow the instructions there. The ewallet provider will then freeze both the old and new account, and ask you which account you want to keep. Then you keep the new one.

How does eWO calculate cashback and commission?

Bookmakers and casino operators pay Neteller / Skrill / ecoPayz a fee to handle the deposits and withdrawals. Of this fee, eWO gets a percentage, of which you get a share. The size of the fee that the bookmaker pays varies from around 1% up to 4% of the deposit amount, depending on which merchant you make a deposit with. For example, Betfair has a very good deal with ewallets and therefore pays smaller fees to ewallet providers.

How to make the most of the cashback offer using matched betting and other strategies

Here we have collected different strategies and methods designed to maximize your cashback profits.

The whole “clue” is to increase your turnover to get as much cashback as possible. This is internally called “Vipping”

Open the different boxes to read more about the different methods!

Matched Betting - bookie against exchange

By using the matched betting strategy (backing and laying) you can generate risk-free winnings from cashback. If you find games that have a 100% rating or above at Oddsmonkey (i.e where the odds are equal or better with the bookie, and thus do not give a qualifying loss) then you will make money. The 0% commission promotions for Smarkets and Matchbook are great for this.

The profits here are therefore not from bets on the matches themselves, but in cashback + reward points you get from deposits to bookies.


I recommend using Oddsmonkey and its Oddsmatcher to find different matches with the best odds possible. Use these filters to optimize your profits:

  • 100% and above
  • Low odds (1.00 – 1.50)
  • Matches within 24h
  • Preferrably matches with liquidity (big leagues)

In addition, we recommend you to have a filter with only the exchange bookies included. Smarkets, Matchbook and Betfair.  This filter can be as “wide” as you want, since these exchanges will never limit your stakes.

Dutching - Bookie against bookie

A very good strategy to ensure maximum amount of deposits to bookmakers is called “threeway dutching”. You deposit with 3 different bookmakers, and bet on each outcome. In the Dutchmatcher at Oddsmonkey you’ll find these matches:


I chose to bet on Groningen against ADO Den Haag. 

dutch calc real

Utregning av innsatser

To avoid being flagged by the bookmakers it is recommended to round your stakes. You can use the Dutching Calculator at Oddsmonkey or a regular sure bet calculator. It is impossible to divide the profits 100% equally between the involved bookmakers. It is therefore recommended to adjust the stakes so that one bookie will get more profits, and the other two will get less, or even a small loss. Over time, these sums will even out.

Here I have placed rounded bets of 20k, 23k and 53k NOK. Total sum is 96k NOK – on one single match! 

Our profits are 480 NOK (0.5% cashback). That might sound like a small amount, but over a year that amounts to over 175k NOK in cashback!

The calculator used is available for free here:

Casino offers - play with positive expected value

It is also possible to play different casino games to increase your turnover. The important aspect here is that you play slots or games that have the highest possible “return to player” (RTP). In total, a higher RTP than what you receive in cashback is necessary. That means that the game has a net positive expected value. Example; if you have a cashback rate of 0.5%, you will need to play casino games or slots with an RTP of 99.5% or higher. 

An important difference from sportsbetting is that you are not able to “lay” casino offers. Therefore, casino offers are regarded as non-risk free, opposite of matched betting. But with the odds on our side (net RTP above 100%), you will be profitable over time.



We play Blackjack (image from Unibet). The RTP here is 99.91%. That means if you get 0.5% cashback, you will have a net RTP of 100.41%. Here you will be able to increase your turnover and therefore earn lots in cashback. 

For every €100 we bet, we will on average have €100,40 back. That sounds small, but when scaled up, the sums get a lot larger. Live Blackjack is also possible, but each hand will take a little longer, so less turnover is possible.

Here is a link to a standard Blackjack strategy:

There are also other casino strategies, such as poker and slots!



Is cashback from deposits with ewallets legal?

This is completely legal. Ewallets make money every time you deposit with a merchant, so they are on our team. Ewallets will never limit you. 

What about limiting / gubbing of accounts?

A bookmaker can gub your account if they aren’t satisfied with your betting patterns. A gubbing means that you will have limits on how much you are able to bet on different outcomes. After a while, bookmakers will gub winning accounts, regardless of which method has been used to become a winning player. The use and abuse of bonuses and promotions will probably increase the chance of getting gubbed. But this strategy is not dependant on promotions, so your accounts will perhaps last a bit longer. 

Which currency should I choose?

This depends on where you live and which currency your bookmaker accounts are in. Keep your accounts in as few currencies as possible to avoid fx fees when converting between currencies.

How often do I receive cashback payments?

Cashback is paid out every month or week, depending on your volume. See more under eWO Loyalty Program.

Neteller VIP

Extra cashback!

Neteller offers their Diamond and Exclusive VIP customers an additional cashback of 0.25 and 0.5% of the total deposited amount the users make. Example. You deposit € 10.000. You will then receive €25 or €50, depending on VIP level.

That means that, in addition to the cashback from eWallet-Optimizer, you can get an additional 0.5%, making a total of 1%. Every month!

Reward point with Neteller!

For every transaction you do with Neteller you will earn Knect reward points. These reward points can be converted to cash whenever you want!

Skrill Knect

Convert Knect points to cash!

Skrill has launched their Loyalty programme called Knect. You can now earn points on every transaction you do with Skrill. These points can then be converted to cash whenever you want. 

Conclusion – which ewallet is the best in 2021?

Which ewallet is the best one for you? Today, ecoPayz have the best cashback deal and terms available to you. All three have great advantages, but the current cashback offer that ecoPayz is offering makes ecoPayz our preferred ewallet. Here’s a quick summary of pros and cons for each of the three ewallet providers:

EcoPayz  is the “youngest” of the three ewallets. They are currently up & coming, and more merchants are being added every day. You will get a huge deal through us, making ecoPayz a must-have ewallet. Cashback on your first deposit is also a very good deal. Additionally, withdrawals from ecoPayz are fast and cheap. ecoPayz is probably the better choice when it comes to fees. The main con is that ecoPayz is not that widely accepted compared to Skrill and Neteller. 

Skrill have lower fees for bank withdrawals than Neteller and ecoPayz. You will also have some major perks when you are Silver VIP and above. Knect points are very handy, and can easily be converted to cash. Skrill Mastercard will enable you to withdraw your money directly to Revolut or similar services, free of charge. Skrill has the best website design, if that is something you care about.

Neteller give you additional cashback as Diamond or Exclusive VIP. They have the highest fees of the three ewallet providers. We have personally been using Neteller for a long time and never had any major issues. Neteller have the highest cashback rates. 

We recommend you to create an ecoPayz account and either Skrill or Neteller, depending on your preference or betting patterns. Use ecoPayz when possible, Neteller or Skrill when ecoPayz is not available.